Disability Resources


The Stewart Library offers both personal assistance and assistive technology to provide persons with disabilities access to information resources held locally and available via the World Wide Web.


Physical Access

  • Elevators: The elevator east of the main lobby serves the third floor. The elevator on the second floor in the south wing serves both the second and third floors.

  • Emergency systems: The Library is equipped with ADA compliant fire/emergency alarm devices.

  • Entrances: An ADA compliant main entrance is located on the west side of the first floor. The entrance on the east side of the second floor is also wheelchair accessible.

  • Parking: Designated parking stalls are provided on the south side of the building.

  • Restrooms/Water Fountains: Wheelchair accessible restrooms and a water fountain are located on the south and north side of the second floor.


Personal Assistance

  • Materials Retrieval: Personnel in Circulation Services (first floor lobby) and Media/Reserve Services (first floor lobby) are available to retrieve books and other media from shelving areas.&

  • Research: Personnel in Reference and Information Services (second floor, north side) are available for research assistance.

  • Shuttle Service: WSU Disability Services (Phone: 801-626-6413 TDD: 801-626-7283 URL: http://weber.edu/ssd/) operates a shuttle service between campus buildings.


Assistive Technology

  • Electronic Readers: A mobile cart with a variety of assistive technologies for accessing electronic media is available upon request to Reference and Information Services or Media/Reserve Services personnel.

  • Print Readers: Magnification reading devices for print materials are located on the second floor in the north and south sides.

  • TTY: Telephone service for the hearing impaired is available at 801-626-6741.