Faculty Activity Record

  1. Teaching

    Other instructional activities can include: collection management and liaison duties; curation and preservation of collections; reference service and research consultations; development of online guides and tools; and product research for library tools, services, exhibits, etc. Not every library faculty member will engage in activity in all of these areas.

    1. Classroom/Online Instruction (3-4 paragraphs)

    2. Other instructional activites (3-4 paragraphs)

    3. List additional activities

  2. Scholarship

    1. Provide a brief narrative (2-3 paragraphs) of your progress in the area of scholarship, including your research agenda and how your activities support that agenda. Also include an assessment of how your scholarship contributes to your practice and/or that of the library profession more broadly.

    2. List of publications, presentations, exhibits, grants, etc. with current status (e.g. started, completed, submitted, accepted, published/presented, etc.).

      1. Refereed publications.

      2. Non-refereed publications.

      3. Papers or poster sessions presented at professional conferences and workshops.

      4. Professional improvement, such as graduate education beyond the terminal degree, development of new areas of expertise, additional training in existing areas of expertise, or attendance at professional conferences and workshops.

      5. Projects such as group or individual grants and submission of reports as required.

      6. Curated exhibits, shows, or significant displays, which may or may not be refereed, juried, or judged.

      7. Other activities appropriate to this category.

  3. Administration and/or Professionally Related Service

    1. Provide a brief narrative (2-3 paragraphs) highlighting your main accomplishments in the area of service, including the impact they have had on helping the library and/or the university fulfill its mission, as well as any leadership contributions. For those with administration duties (department head, etc.), provide an additional summary of your major accomplishments in leadership and management of your areas.

      1. Committee assignments at the university or library level. Leadership positions on committees are weighted more heavily than membership only.

      2. Administrative responsibilities within the Library or University above and beyond the duties described in the candidate’s position description.

      3. Leadership positions and/or active participation in professional organizations and similar activities that enhance the reputation of the candidate, the Library, and/or the University.

      4. Involvement in the planning and organization of professional workshops, meetings, conferences, symposia, etc., that benefit the Library, the University, and/or the library profession.

      5. Participation in projects that benefit the Library, the University, and/or the library profession.

      6. Professionally-related community activities.

      7. Consulting or otherwise providing professional expertise.

      8. Student advisement activities or serving as an advisor to a student organization.

      9. Performance as a department head/chair or coordinator of a major library function.

      10. Other activities appropriate to this category.

    2. List service activites.

Approved 12/6/2019