Reference Collection


Description: The reference collection is:

  • a rich source of materials for research

  • the best place for a student to begin a library and/or Internet research project.

  • a collection of books, databases and other material that offer:

    • definitions

    • general summaries

    • background information

    • statistics

    • facts, figures, photos and much more.

  • materials you "refer" to, so generally are not available to check out

  • resources used to point to other, more detailed information in other books or journals in the General Collection.


The reference collection includes:

  • Online reference materials (limited selection)

  • Reference books:

    • dictionaries (general and specialized)

    • encyclopedias (general and specialized)

    • handbooks, manuals, guidebooks

    • statistical abstracts

  • Periodical and other indexes

  • Abstracts (periodical indexes with article summaries)

  • Maps and atlases


Use the Online Catalog to find out if the library owns a particular reference resource, and where it is located.