Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Statement


The Weber State University Student Library is committed to supporting diversity, equity, inclusion, and well-being within the communities we represent and serve. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are fudamental values of the Stewart Library and our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion helps us to provide an environment where everyone feels welcomed, valued, and respected. We strive to be leaders on campus in advancing Weber State University's Diversity & Inclusion Initiative by creating a learning community grounded in knowledge, open inquiry, dialogue, respect, and inclusion.

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Focus Area 1: Library Resources

  • Goal: Ensure that books, media, tools and other resources provided by the Library are diverse in their points of view.
  • Goal: Highlight and develop the diversity of our library collections and increase the discoverability of diverse resources.
  • Goal: Provide equitable accewss to library materials from a broad spectrum.


Focus Area 2: Students & Community Users

  • Goal: Ensure that the library is a place where patrons from a broad spectrum of backgrounds feel welcome.
  • Goal: Demonstrate our commitment to diversity through outreach and programming.
  • Goal: Ensure that the Library's communication reflect our commitment to diversity.


Focus Area 3: Library Faculty, Staff, & Student Employees

  • Goal: Increase the diversity of our workforce.
  • Goal: Integrate diversity as a central element in our hiring practices and policies.
  • Goal: Encourage active participation in diversity & inclusion initiatives as an employee recruitment and retention strategy and key element of institutional excellence.


Focus Area 4: Training/Awareness

  • Goal: Provide diversity and inclusivity training and workshops to all Library employees.
    • Incorporate diversity and inclusive excellence goals in the new employee orientation process.
  • Goal: Foster organizational support and commitment to promote diversity and inclusive excellence.
    • Establish a formal structure to promote diversity and inclusive excellence.
  • Goal: Promote awareness of diversity & inclusive excellence through library events & exhibits.


Focus Area 5: Physical & Virtual Library Locations

  • Goal: Ensure that our physical and virtual locations are easily accessible and accommodating.
  • Goal: Ensure that our physical and virtual locations are welcoming to everyone.