Equity, Justice, and Anti-Racism at Stewart Library

At Stewart Library, we commit ourselves to doing anti-racist work as part of our mission and obligation to advance knowledge for social justice. We commit ourselves to using an equity and justice framework to guide all of the work that we do. We commit ourselves to truth telling.

In July 2020, we committed interrogating our systems and make structural changes to advance anti-racism.

We commit to taking the following actions during the 2020-2021 academic year:

  • Continued self and collective education: While this is not enough or an end, library staff have committed to a regular series of readings, viewings, reflection, and discussion to build our ability to engage in anti-racist analysis.
  • Policy review: We will hire an external consultant to help us analyze our current policies and procedures across the library, including hiring practices, through an anti-racist and equity and justice framework.
  • Curriculum revision: Library faculty will review and revise the curriculum in LIBS 1704, including learning outcomes and assessments, to integrate anti-racist and anti-oppressive approaches. Much of the course centers on evaluating information. The review will consider how assumptions of authority, about whose knowledge counts, is the essential understanding and learning outcome for information literacy as a practice of epistemic and social justice.
  • Truth telling from the archives: University Archives is researching the history of Weber State and developing online exhibit and educational materials to advance Bryan Stevenson’s call for truth telling first in order to understand the anti-racist remedies required.

We ask that you hold us accountable.

Email Wendy Holliday, Dean of the Library.

Library Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement