Logo for Weber: Century College Celebration exhibit

In 1923, Weber College dropped all high school courses, focusing only on college courses moving forward. This year marks 100 years since that change. The Weber: Century College Celebration exhibit showcases what student life was like over the past ten decades. Each month, a new decade is featured at the start of the exhibit. Come see how student life has changed over the years!

Logo for Northern Utah Women Making History exhibit

The Northern Utah Women Making History exhibits features 50 prominent women from the Weber and Davis Counties area from 1870-2019. These women are being featured due to their work in expanding civil rights for all communities, breaking barriers by being the "first", and being prominent women in healthcare, business, education, and the military. Come see these beautiful caricatures of these women and learn more about what impact they have had on our community. The exhibit will be on display from March to August 2023. Copies of the book "Northern Utah Women Making History" will be available for free as part of the exhibit. The exhibit is also available online on the Weber State University Digital exhibits website (exhibits.weber.edu).