Special Collections & University Archives (SCUA)

Special Collections and University Archives are in the process of combining. The SCUA Reading Room is located on the 1st floor in room 120. 


Beginning April 26th, the Reading Room will be by appointment only for the summer semester.



Special Collections

Special Collections focuses on collecting materials that document Ogden and Weber and Davis Counties specifically and Northern Utah generally. Such materials include printed works, and non-printed items such as photographs, maps, ephemera, personal papers and organizational records. In addition to this primary focus, the department acquires materials which help to better understand the history of Utah and those forces - both within its boundaries and in adjacent states - that have contributed to its development.

University Archives

University Archives serves as the final repository for the historical records of Weber State University. Its primary purpose is to document the history of the University and to provide source material for administrators, faculty, students, alumni, and other members of the University community, as well as scholars, authors, and other interested persons. It collects and provides access and information regarding collections pertaining to the intellectual, social, and administrative history of Weber State University. See PPM 2-6.


Broom Hotel Image, 25th Street and Washington, ca. 1890's

Broom Hotel, 25th Street and Washington, ca. 1890s. 

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