Strategic Plan

Strategic Framework




Our Vision

We envision the Stewart Library as the intellectual commons of Weber State University, where we empower our diverse communities through equitable access to information and knowledge.


Our Mission

The Stewart Library is central to Weber State University's educational mission. We provide flexible spaces, dedicated service, personalized instruction, and unfettered access to information. We recognize our membership in diverse communities. We listen to, collaborate with, and invest in those communities in order to promote lifelong learning, advance knowledge, and empower people.





Empower learners and foster independent, critical thinking through high-impact and personalized educational experiences. Promote equitable access to higher education and community learning opportunities. Contribute to the well-being and strength of the campus and local communities in which we are embedded.
Strategies: Strategies: Strategies:
• Partner with faculty to integrate information literacy throughout the curriculum. • Provide access to information resources that our communities need, at no cost to them. • Provide spaces and services that promote campus-wide collaboration and connection.
• Apply assessment results and insights to improve teaching and learning. • Reduce barriers to degree completion through inclusive services, technology, and other resources. • Create physical and online community spaces and programs that bring people together.
• Provide personalized assistance to learners, whoever and wherever they are. • Promote a sustainable information landscape through our choices and leadership in open access and open educational resource initiatives. • Place diversity, inclusion, and equity at the center of all of our work.

Organizational Excellence and Stewardship

Maintain an effective and sustainable organization as the foundation of all our work.
• Enrich the user experience by placing the user at the center of our work and decision-making.
• Invest in people by creating an environment of support, caring, and opportunity for all library workers.
• Transform work practices to better meet user needs.


The Library has developed a Strategic Action Plan for the next two years that outlines more specific projects and initiatives to enact these broader strategies.


Our Values