Course Reserve

Print Course Reserves

Sanitizing protocols require that we quarantine a book for a minimum of 24 hours and we cannot provide print course reserve materials under these conditions. We have been working hard to find alternative access to print textbooks in preparation for the fall 2020 semester. Unfortunately, our efforts have been met with resistance from most textbook publishers who do not provide libraries with electronic purchasing options. Textbook publishers operate on a for-profit model focused on selling electronic versions of textbooks directly to students.

To meet our student's needs for course textbooks and other material on print reserve, we will be offering a scan on demand service. Students may request select pages or individual chapters from print reserves through Interlibrary Loan. From this request, pages are scanned and delivered electronically.



Electronic Reserve

Electronic Reserve (AKA eReserve) Course materials are electronic in nature and are made available online. 



Information for Faculty

Many students relied on course reserves for access to their print textbooks, which we cannot provide because of public health protocols. These are some alternatives to print textbooks:

  • Using an e-book available from the library's licensed e-book collection. Many academic e-books are not classified as textbooks and are available for library purchase.
  • Linking to academic content from the library's licensed existing collection of electronic resources, such as journal articles, streaming media, and other digital material.
  • Adopting an open education resource (OER). OERs are freely available educational materials that are openly licensed to allow for modification and re-use by instructors.
  • Posting individual book chapters or excerpts of scanned content, subject to copyright limitations.

Need advice on how to find and integrate no-cost course materials? Contact your Subject Librarian or the Resource Sharing department at