Research Our Collections

Use and Restrictions

Special Collections is committed to both the access and preservation of our holdings. This means that while we are dedicated to providing our patrons with the best possible research experience, we must also have special rules to protect our materials. These rules are as follows:

  1. Special Collections materials do not circulate and are to be used in the reading room only.

  2. Personal belongings, such as briefcases, backpacks, laptop/tablet cases, purses, and outerwear, must be stored under your table as you view materials.

  3. All personal effects are subject to inspection prior to and following patrons viewing the materials.

  4. No food, candy, gum, or beverages.

  5. Notes should be taken on laptops, tablets, or paper provided by Special Collections. Only pencils are allowed for notetaking. Staff can provide you with a pencil if you do not have one.

  6. When working with our materials, only one box may be viewed at a time. Materials must be kept in the same order that they are found. Please return materials to their proper enclosures.

  7. Exercise care in handling fragile items. Staff may require the use of white gloves to handle some items.

  8. Patrons may not mark, paper-clip, staple, fold, or put sticky notes on any materials. Do not remove staples or other fasteners.

  9. Photocopies and scans will be made by a Special Collections staff member. Fees may apply, as well as copyright laws and other restrictions. Fragile or rare materials may be rejected for reproduction.

  10. Photography of materials with phones or tablets is typically allowed, but cannot be done without prior approval from staff.

  11. Patrons who plan to publish or exhibit Special Collections materials must obtain written permission and provide proper credit.

  12. Materials will not be pulled 15 minutes prior to the department closing.

  13. You will be asked to show a valid picture ID each time you visit Special Collections.

  14. The cost of photocopies is $0.10 per page, and the cost of scans is $2.00 per scan.