Public Access Workstations (Acceptable Use Policy)


The Stewart Library supports the teaching, research, and learning mission of Weber State University by providing open access to the broadest possible range of ideas, opinions, and knowledge. The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, the American Library Association Library Bill of Rights and Freedom to Read Statement , the university's principles of academic freedom, and the library's guidelines pertaining to use of electronic resources and user rights and responsibilities provide the foundation for library policies pertaining to collection development, services management, and promoting access to information.


  • Weber State University makes available public access workstations for use by university students, faculty, staff, and others. The university's Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for Weber State University Networks states that these computer resources are intended to be used for educational purposes and the legitimate business of the university in accordance with applicable policies and laws, and in a manner consistent with public trust.

  • Appropriate use of public access workstations in the library includes instruction, study, research, and personal enrichment. Users shall be considerate of their use of shared resources and refrain from monopolizing workstations. During peak periods of use, educational use has priority.

  • Inappropriate uses include interfering with the work of others, wasting resources, using the resources for private economic purposes, gambling, and any activities that include the violation of state or federal laws and university or libr

  • The Stewart Library endorses and promotes intellectual and academic freedom principles and does not restrict access to information. These important freedoms come with important responsibilities. Users of library computer workstations should be aware that some information resources, including Internet sites, could be offensive to others. Be considerate of those in the immediate vicinity when viewing material in public access areas. While you generally have the right to look at whatever you choose to view, this right is balances by the rights of others to work in a setting free of intimidation, harassment, or hostility.

  • The privacy rights of other library users should be respected.

  • Parents or guardians are responsible for determining whether the content in information resources is appropriate for minors under their care and supervision and for controlling their use of these resources. The safety and behavior of a minor in the library is also the responsibility of the parents or guardians.

  • Use of library public access workstations must be in compliance with applicable federal and state laws as-well-as university and library policies and procedures.

Violation of the provisions of this policy may result in the withdrawal of access and may subject the user to disciplinary action or academic sanctions consistent with university policies and/or federal and state laws.

References: Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for Weber State University Networks; Stewart Library Electronic Resources Policy & Procedures; Stewart Library Users' Right and Responsibilities/Disruptive Behavior Policy. Reviewed by WSU Legal Counsel, June 2004.