Release Time for Classes or Training

The library’s commitment to the ongoing professional development of its staff is reflected in its strategic goals and objectives.

Goal: Maintain a commitment to quality in all of our activities

Objective: Promote an organizational culture of trust and respect which supports ongoing professional development.

In support of the above goal and objective, a maximum of three hours per week of release time from work may be granted to library employees.

A. Guidelines for Release Time

(established by Library Council January 24, 2018):

  1. Release time of three hours per week may be requested by full time library employees or two hours per week requested by ¾ time library employees to attend scheduled WSU classes, training sessions relevant to their positions, or to participate in WSU sponsored wellness activities.

  2. Release time is to be used to attend classes, training sessions or wellness activities that occur during the employee’s regularly scheduled work time.

  3. Release time must be requested on the Request for Release Time form and submitted to the employee’s supervisor at least two weeks prior to beginning of the class, training session or wellness activity.

  4. Release time must be approved by the employee’s supervisor.

  5. Vacation time will be used for classes or training sessions that exceed the three hours per week for full time library employees and the two hours per week for ¾ time employees of approved release time. At the discretion of the supervisor, the employee may be able to make-up a portion of this time.

  6. Classes or training sessions that are job specific, and approved by the employee’s supervisor, may be considered as work-time rather than release time.

  7. In requesting and approving release time, both the employee and the supervisor will give priority to the needs of the department. A request will not be approved if doing so would result in scheduling conflicts or serious delays in accomplishing the normal work of the department.

Reviewed and approved by Library Council January 24, 2018


Release Time Form