How to Transfer Records to the University Archives

Thank you for supporting our mission to document the history of Weber State. The following instructions will help ensure a smooth transfer of your records to the University Archives.

To request archival boxes (records center cartons), please call 626-6388. We will be happy to deliver boxes directly to your campus location. We strongly encourage you to use our boxes or boxes with the same dimensions (10”x12”x15”). Please avoid using copy paper boxes if possible.

When packing boxes, please observe the following guidelines:

  • Do not overstuff boxes. Boxes must be able to close completely without bulging. If you are transferring hanging folders, please align them with the long dimension of the box; do not hook the folders to the box’s sides. Three-ring binders should be laid flat on the bottom of the box and stacked. If you run out of space, we are always happy to bring you more boxes!

  • Do not write on the boxes, except to number them in pencil only. We understand that if you are using your own boxes, they may already be labeled. Our archival boxes will be reused, so we ask that you do not make any permanent markings on them.

  • Do not tape archives forms to the boxes. Please help us keep our boxes in good condition.

You will be supplied with two forms to fill out when transferring materials to the Archives. You will fill out one copy of the Archives Transfer Form. This includes basic information about you (or your department) and the materials you are transferring. Please be sure to include date ranges if known, and let us know about any confidential information included in the transfer.

For each box you transfer, you will need to fill out one copy of the WSUA-302 Transfer Box Inventory. Please include a brief inventory of what’s in the box, along with applicable date ranges.

Please place each Transfer Box Inventory Form in the box that it describes, on top of the contents, and place the Archives Transfer Form in the first box.

If you have any questions, or require additional copies of the forms, please call 626-6388.