Perpetual Motion – May 31st

Colorful artwork of a face


Perpetual Motion

An Art Opening in Celebration of Edward Macner: Artist, Scientist and Seeker


May 31 – Sep 27

This exhibition features selected pieces from Ed Macner’s prolific art career, spanning over 50 years: woodcuts, etchings, drawings, photographs, paintings and sculpture. This is the largest collection of his work that has ever been assembled.

Many knew him as Mr. Macner, the eccentric high school chemistry teacher. Some knew him as a climate activist and a brilliant, self-taught engineer. A lover of nature and animals, Ed brought his knowledge of philosophy, religion, ancient studies, kinesthetic wisdom and science into his artistic pieces. With a unique gift for composition and an open channel to summon forth images born of his subconscious, his artistry stands alone, entirely unique never to be repeated again.

Please join us for the opening of the exhibition on May 31st at the Stewart Library, and enjoy a live musical performance by violinist, Gleice Uzur.

Weber State University
Stewart Library, 3rd floor
3921 Central Campus Drive
Ogden, Utah 84408

Free parking available in the A7, A8 and W7 lots after 4 p.m.
Opening reception Friday, May 31, 2024 from 6 - 8 p.m.

Please call 801-626-6405 for accessibility accommodations and questions.