New library website coming soon!

Purple text that says 'NEW'


The Stewart Library is excited to announce that a new website is on the way. Coming this summer, the library will bring a new website into production on Aug 19th, 2024. Some new features to watch for with this new website will be:

  • Improved navigation: Usability tested navigation to assist all user levels find what they are looking for with library services divided into Faculty and Student specific needs.
  • Improved live help & self-help features: Talk to an actual person online with Live Help during regular operational hours online or browse our ever expanding FAQs which cover a wide range of common questions.
  • Feedback controls: Provide your own feedback on any aspect of the library’s site or services.
  • FAQs and Suggestions: Access and review curated FAQs based on common questions the library receives, add comments to existing FAQs or suggest new ones.
  • Improved collection visibility: The library has wonderful services and collections that you may not know about. We’ve worked to better expose these in our new site.
  • Weber State is Great Great Great: The new library’s website will look more consistent with the University’s overall website design.
  • More interoperability with supporting systems: Special consideration has been given to the many independent web-based resources the library provides access to. API and graphical consistency will be improved giving the user a more seamless experience while using online resources.
  • Improved mobility: The library’s website and many of the supporting web-based resources linked from our site will be more mobile friendly than ever before.
  • More real-time information: Users of the library site will have full access to the library’s classroom schedules, library events calendars, and study room scheduler. Searching and sorting controls will allow users to find where, when, and what is going on in the library on any given day.