User Rights and Responsibilities


It is the mission of the Library to provide educational resources and services that support the teaching, scholarship, and community service programs of Weber State University. Access to resources and services will not be denied or abridged on account of age, disability, economic status, gender, racial or ethnic origin, political or religious affiliation, or sexual orientation. Access restrictions will be kept to a minimum, consisting only of those which are essential for the well-being of the Library Users and personnel, library operations, and materials preservation.

In support of this mission, the library provides access to its materials and services in accordance with the following "Library Users’ Rights and Responsibilities" guidelines:


Library Users have a right to expect:

  • A collection of library resources appropriate for a four-year institution of higher education.

  • Library resources which are well organized and in good physical condition.

  • Courteous, efficient, and effective service in all circumstances and at all times.

  • Reasonable accommodation for disabilities.

  • Reasonable assistance/instruction in the development of library skills.

  • Use of library resources and services without undue restriction.

  • Confidential access to library resources.

  • A clean, safe, and reasonably quiet facility.

  • Library visits which are free from harassment, physical danger, and psychological stress.

  • Conscientious and timely responses to complaints and conflicts.


Library Users have a responsibility to ensure:

  • The proper check-out and timely return of borrowed materials.

  • Care in the use of library materials, equipment and furnishings.

  • Maintenance of a clean, safe, and reasonably quiet facility.

  • Compliance with library policies and guidelines.

  • Courteous interactions and polite behavior in all circumstances and at all times.


To protect its resources, provide for the productive operation of its services, and to promote the well-being of Library Users and personnel, the Library enforces the following Disruptive Behavior Policy:

Library users are expected to conduct themselves in a manner which complies with the "Library Users’ Rights and Responsibilities" guidelines. Library users who conduct themselves in a manner which is not in compliance with these guidelines may be asked to leave the facility and/or may have their library privileges suspended.

Legal References: Utah Code 76-8-701 thru 718; 76-9-102; 76-9-106; Weber State University Policy & Procedures Manual Sec. 22; Weber State University Student Code Sec. IV & X