SCUA Thesis Submission Form

In order to submit your thesis to Weber State University Institutional Repository and Digital Initiatives, please fill out the following form. Note that for group projects, only one submission for the group is required. 

For your thesis submission, this form accepts files that are pdf, doc, docx or zip and has a maximum file size of 10MB. When submitting your file please ensure that your signed cover page is attached.  If you have any issues with uploading your file please contact us at

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For group projects please enter the email of all authors.
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As you wish to see them on the document. Please add First name then Last name. For submissions with more than one author please include all author's names.
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Please select or add 3-5 keywords about your thesis. This list is not exhaustive, so if you wish to add keywords that are not on the list please add them in the "Other" box and separate your keywords by semicolons or commas. (ex: robotics; machine manufacturing; supply-chain development)
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