OER Grants at WSU

OER Grants 2022-2023 - applications closed

Stewart Library is excited to continue the OER/Affordable Course Materials Grant Program for 2023! This grant, available to campus faculty, adjuncts, and staff, can be used to Adopt an existing resource that will reduce costs for students, Adapt an existing OER to match faculty learning outcomes, or even to Create new learning material that will be licensed openly. Application information is available below and applications are due on Friday December 2, 2022. For any questions or interest in OER contact us at oer@weber.edu.

OER/Affordable Course Materials Grant Program, 2022-2023


Adopt an existing textbook or other educational resource which significantly reduces costs for students.

Funded at up to $500


Adapt one or more existing OER, customized to your instructional needs.

Funded at up to $2,000


Create or author new learning materials that will be licensed openly.

Funding depends on project scope, ranging from $3,000 for an individual project to $20,000 for a departmental project that includes major course re-design for high enrollment courses.



Apply for an OER Grant

Weber State Stewart Library strives to support student success by removing barriers to course materials. Open educational resources are a new avenue of making course materials affordable and accessible. Apply for an OER Grant here.

Preparing your Proposal

To apply for an OER Grant please have the following information ready:

  • Your department, campus affiliation, role (instructor, staff, other) and contact info
  • Names roles, and a brief description of any collaborators
  • Project title and type (Adopt, Adapt, Create)
  • Name/number/title and delivery method of course in which you will use OER*
  • Average course size*
  • Which semesters you plan to use the OER*
  • Project summary that includes
    • A) Rationale for applying for the OER Grant that includes amount of funding needed and how that funding will be used
    • B) anticipated timeline of grant project that includes milestones towards completion and expected implementation semester
    • C) a description of how the use of open resources will improve your course
    • D) a description of how your project will use an open license and contribute to the open education community
    • E) a description of how you will ensure any OER adopted, adapted, or created will meet university accessibility guidelines
  • A letter of support for your project, signed by your Dean or Department Head

*Information denoted by an asterisk is optional but will help our team review your application

Project Timeline

  • Grant Applications due Friday December 2, 2022
  • Recipients Announced Monday December 12, 2022
  • Project Working Period during Spring and Summer semesters 2023
  • Optional Getting Started OER Workshop in January or February (Date TBD)
  • Project Final Due Date Friday September 8, 2023

Grant Criteria

  • Potential to reduce student expense, such as replacing a high cost textbook or the impact on a large number of students in high enrollment courses.
  • Feasibility to meet project deadline of September 8, 2023. Grant funds are released upon completion of the proposed project. Depending on the scope of the proposed project you may request that funding be released over the course of the project to match completion of milestones noted in the project summary.
  • How they will contribute to the open education community, such as through Creative Commons licensing and filling a gap in available course materials for a given subject.
  • Preference may be given to required general education courses and to courses selecting OER as their primary text.