Peery’s Egyptian Theater

Black and white photograph of the old exterior of the Peery's Egyptian Theater.


On July 4, 1924, Ogden celebrated the newest and fairest amusement temple–“The Egyptian Theatre.” Owned by Harmon Peery and Louis Peery, the theater was finished with gold paints featuring Egyptian Gods, Goddesses and ancient Roman and Egyptian figures. The theater operated well into the 1980s when it faced pending closure. Van Summerill established the Friends of the Egyptian Theater in 1985 to garner support to renovate and restore the building. The newly remodeled theater reopened to fanfare in 1997 rivaling the original opening in 1924. 2024 marks the 100th anniversary of the theater. Special Collections & University Archives is exhibiting materials from the collection in the southwest hallway of the first floor of the Stewart Library until June 30, 2024.